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We're passionate about bikes and the people who ride them. Our goal is to provide the most convenient and professional bike servicing in Perth. BikeDr started out as a mobile business designed specifically to service cycle commuters working in the CBD. Our Bullitt cargo bikes carry all the tools, parts and accessories needed to carry out servicing and repairs, wherever you may be.

There's one more thing, BikeDr is a social enterprise.  We were born from a Dismantle initiative. The profits from BikeDr feed back into another Dismantle initiative, BikeRescue. The BikeRescue program engages at-risk youth and helps them reconnect to wider society, education and employment opportunities. To find out more about the BikeRescue program, go to



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Service Guide
Tune Up General Service Premium Service Ultimate Service
Pre Event 3-6
Full Rebuild 
Check and tighten all bolts X X X X
Drive-train wear check X X X X
Lubricate chain and cables X X X X
Headset check X X X X
Wipe down frame X X X X
Inflated tyres X X X X
Adjust brake pads X X X X
Tighten brake cables X X X X
Adjust gears X X X X
Wheel True - Minor X X X X
Wheel True - Major X X X
Bottom Bracket Service X X
Headset Service X X
Disc Brake Rotor True X X
Disc Brake Bleed X
Chain Clean X X X
Cassette Clean X X X
Brake rotor and rims clean X X X
Drive train degrease X X
Clean & wash bike X X
Complete strip of bike X
Degrease, clean and lubricate all parts X
Cable Inner Fit X X X
New Tyre Fit X X X
Cassette Fit X X
Chain Fit X X
Tape/Grip Fit X X
Cable Housing Fit X
Headset Service | Bearing Replacement X
Hub Service | Bearing Replacement X
Bottom Bracket Overhaul | Bearing Replacement X
*Parts & Liquids not included $99 $149 $199 $399
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