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Mike the Bike Tech

Mike The Bike Tech

Servicing Toowomba & Surrounding Areas 



Mike the Bike Tech is a Toowoomba based mobile business that offers a wide range of bike repairs and services from your standard service up to a complete overhaul for bicycles of all shapes and sizes. I aim to provide high-quality servicing which will have your bike running smoothly in no time.

As a rider myself I have developed this bicycle service centre to provide you with high quality services at affordable prices. Offering Toowoomba pickup, drop off and mobile service options, I am only a phone call away and ready to assist. If you require an emergency bike repair, maintenance at competitive and social events or just a quick tune up whilst on the trail or a road ride, I can also assist. Do you need help installing and fitting new parts which have been purchased within your local store or online? Bring them in and I’ll fit them and make sure that your bicycle is running smoother than ever. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about the parts you require, just bring your bicycle in and I can help you order and fit the correct parts.

If you need your bicycle back on the same day I can offer same day servicing. I offer prompt, punctual services where I strive to have your bicycle serviced, running smoothly and returned to you on the same day.  On booking you will be provided with an estimated service completion time and service fee. Should an unexpected problem be identified causing a delay in service or fee adjustment you will be contacted promptly.



Stocks Service Parts For:   

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Service Guide
Tune Up General Service Premium Service Ultimate Service
Pre Event 3-6
Full Rebuild 
Check and tighten all bolts X X X X
Drive-train wear check X X X X
Lubricate chain and cables X X X X
Headset check X X X X
Wipe down frame X X X X
Inflated tyres X X X X
Adjust brake pads X X X X
Tighten brake cables X X X X
Adjust gears X X X X
Wheel True - Minor X X X X
Wheel True - Major X X X
Bottom Bracket Service X X
Headset Service X X
Disc Brake Rotor True X X
Disc Brake Bleed X
Chain Clean X X X
Cassette Clean X X X
Brake rotor and rims clean X X X
Drive train degrease X X
Clean & wash bike X X
Complete strip of bike X
Degrease, clean and lubricate all parts X
Cable Inner Fit X X X
New Tyre Fit X X X
Cassette Fit X X
Chain Fit X X
Tape/Grip Fit X X
Cable Housing Fit X
Headset Service | Bearing Replacement X
Hub Service | Bearing Replacement X
Bottom Bracket Overhaul | Bearing Replacement X
*Parts & Liquids not included $99 $149 $199 $399
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