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Mike & the team at the Rapid Wrench have been involved in the bike industry for the past 8 years. Either working up from large franchise retailers such as Gold Cross Cycles, to the well known rider-owned bike shops such as Bikes Direct and Pro-Motion Cycles. Mike has also worked for key wholesale bicycling distributors such as BikeSportz Imports and Sheppard Cycles. This experience has given him a wide base of knowledge both from a technical, trade and services point of view, and also the hands-on. Mike has also had the opportunity to do the SRAM Technical University in Melbourne, to further develop his advanced mechanical skills.

The mechanics at The Rapid Wrench Melbourne customer satisfaction is so important to us so we make sure that our service is at the top of our game, always. We're always listening, learning, and being proactive with new training, tools and technology.
We're building quite the reputation for our service and skill set, so why not check us out on WOMO- Word-Of-Mouth-Online to see over 180+ reviews by our customers.



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Service Guide
Tune Up General Service Premium Service Ultimate Service
Pre Event 3-6
Full Rebuild 
Check and tighten all bolts X X X X
Drive-train wear check X X X X
Lubricate chain and cables X X X X
Headset check X X X X
Wipe down frame X X X X
Inflated tyres X X X X
Adjust brake pads X X X X
Tighten brake cables X X X X
Adjust gears X X X X
Wheel True - Minor X X X X
Wheel True - Major X X X
Bottom Bracket Service X X
Headset Service X X
Disc Brake Rotor True X X
Disc Brake Bleed X
Chain Clean X X X
Cassette Clean X X X
Brake rotor and rims clean X X X
Drive train degrease X X
Clean & wash bike X X
Complete strip of bike X
Degrease, clean and lubricate all parts X
Cable Inner Fit X X X
New Tyre Fit X X X
Cassette Fit X X
Chain Fit X X
Tape/Grip Fit X X
Cable Housing Fit X
Headset Service | Bearing Replacement X
Hub Service | Bearing Replacement X
Bottom Bracket Overhaul | Bearing Replacement X
*Parts & Liquids not included $99 $149 $199 $399
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