Commuter Servicing

The commuter or hybrid is the work horse of the bicycle world, so frequently used for commuting from home to work, work to home... 3-5 times a week. Its a life without glory but for many it is impossible to part with.

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Tune Up Service

We adjust the gears, brakes, complete minor wheel truing and ensure everything is tensioned correctly. Ideal pre-race or Enduro when you want to be 100% certain that everything is running well.

General Service

Tune Up Service PLUS Drive train & brake clean. We also true major buckles and will fit cable inners & tyres if required*. 
Book a General Service mid-season to keep everything running smoothly.

Premium Service

General Service PLUS Bottom Bracket & Headset Servicing with full degrease & bike wash. Ideal at the start of the season or pre-bike holiday as we replace the old cassette, chain and grips if required*.

Service Guide
Tune Up General Service Premium Service Ultimate Service
Pre Event 3-6
Full Rebuild 
Check and tighten all bolts X X X X
Drive-train wear check X X X X
Lubricate chain and cables X X X X
Headset check X X X X
Wipe down frame X X X X
Inflated tyres X X X X
Adjust brake pads X X X X
Tighten brake cables X X X X
Adjust gears X X X X
Wheel True - Minor X X X X
Wheel True - Major X X X
Bottom Bracket Service X X
Headset Service X X
Disc Brake Rotor True X X
Disc Brake Bleed X
Chain Clean X X X
Cassette Clean X X X
Brake rotor and rims clean X X X
Drive train degrease X X
Clean & wash bike X X
Complete strip of bike X
Degrease, clean and lubricate all parts X
Cable Inner Fit X X X
New Tyre Fit X X X
Cassette Fit X X
Chain Fit X X
Tape/Grip Fit X X
Cable Housing Fit X
Headset Service | Bearing Replacement X
Hub Service | Bearing Replacement X
Bottom Bracket Overhaul | Bearing Replacement X
*Parts & Liquids not included $99 $149 $199 $399
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